Drone software

Drone software technologies for safe and ease of operation

Safe and ease of operation by the power of software technologies

Red Dot Drone is a drone software company. We are working on the development of software technology related to drones, such as automatic flight, remote control through internet to enable easier and safer flight control for current drone operations, which are mainly manual flights.

Remote control over 4G・5G

remote control technology over 5G which enables commercial drones, such as DJI’s Mavic series to be remote-ready without having an additional communication device on the drone.

Autonomous flight technology

We focus on developing autonomous flight technology which enable to make your drone autonomous

Control multiple drones

Our unique technology is to control multiple drones at a same time to capture the views from multiple angles. Compared with similar technology for drone show, this technology is suitable for dynamic situation such as sports event, live entertainment etc.

We provide our software technology and offer drone consultation service to help your business. Any questions or enquiry, please drop us a message from the contact link below!

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