Drone Software

for ease and safety of drone operations

Red Dot Drone is a drone software company. Our aim is to help you achieve ease and safety of your drone operation through our products, technologies and customised drone software development.

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Achieve ease and safety of your drone operations with our software technologies.

RDD has been developing a variety of software technologies for drones, such as automatic flight, remote control over the internet to enable easier and safer flight control for your drone operations.

Remote control over the internet

Red Dot Drone has been developing a drone remote control technology over 4G・5G which enables commercial drones, such as DJI's Mavic series to be remote-ready without having an additional communication device on the drone.

Remote control over the Internet

Object Detection with ML/AI

Video processing and object detection in real time or post processing for drone control and monitoring

Automatic Flight Technology

Red Dot Drone has been developing automatic flight control technology for your safe operation.

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