Tethered Systemfor Drones

Drone Tethered System

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A tethered system for drones

We collaborate with NACT Engineering, a Singapore-based company, to provide tethered solution for drones.

Why tethered system?


Tethered drones are strategically augmenting both operations and applications of traditional drones, paving a more cost-effective way for aerial surveillances, monitoring, industrial inspection, and photography/videography.

Adjustable Constant Tension Winch
Adjust the tether cable tension to best suit your application needs.
60m Tether Cable
Option up to 100m.
Single Man Operation
Capable of moving along with the drone, even on foot.
7kg Solution, all in
Lightest standalone system available.
High Portability
Just grab and go, always ready for deployment anytime.
2,000 W Continuous Power
Compact standalone unit. No need for generator, or more clutter.
Tethered system
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