Sports aerial filming

Delivering an immersive experience to the audience

Aerial filming for sports events

Red Dot Drone is a drone company focusing on aerial filming technology for sports events. We bring an immersive experience to the audience through the use of multiple drones combined with real-time data visualisation from the athletes while utilising automatic flight control.

Challenges faced

Audience may face difficulty watching live sporting events on site, as they are far from the site of action. With limited information, it becomes challenging to locate the athletes during the race. An example is windsurfing, where the site of the action is located far from the beach and from the spectators' view. This makes drone filming, drone cordination and athlete identification challenging as well.

Technology for Aerial Filming

We provide the technology to use multiple drones and data visualisation. Through automatic flight, drones can tag sportsmen during race events and capture them from multiple angles. The audience will be able to experience multiple views of the action.

Multiple Drone Control System

Our technology controls multiple drones simultaneously to provide multiple views of the action.

Data Visualisation

We provide real-time data visualisation based on data from smartphones and IOT devices attached to athletes in addition to the footage from drones.

How We Work With You

As a solution provider, we will provide our production team or work in collaboration with your production team for events. Our team specialises in aerial filming and data visualisation. On top of that, we can value add to the experience through the provision of live streaming and data visualisation for public viewing and social media, based on client’s requirements.

A Variety of Sports Events

We support a variety of sports events; marine; winter; field; and motor sports.


Our clients

Sports Tech Community

RDD joins Sports Tech Community in Tokyo, Taiwan, Israel.

We are able to provide our solution for a variety of sports events. Any questions or enquiry, please drop us a message from the contact link below!

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